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Human trafficking research paper

Abstract Human trafficking can happen anywhere, as long as the environment contains vulnerable conditions. Human trafficking varies from country to country, but it usually preys on vulnerable... Human trafficking is a serious problem that keeps growing and needs to be conclusively addressed. It has far-reaching effects on the victims as well as on the economy. The psychological and physical tortures the victims pass through affect them both in the short and long term and may interfere with their lives. Further analysis of the retrieved documents showed that 771 (37.7%) documents were about sex trafficking, 616 (30.1%) were about labor trafficking/forced labor, 199 (9.7%) were about child trafficking, and 138 (6.8%) were about organ trafficking. The remaining documents were general documents or ones that discussed multiple types of trafficking. Human Trafficking Research Paper Three-dimensional threats of Human Trafficking. Main Points: 1.

Human trafficking or modern day slavery is a multi-dimensional threat that impact and devastate the lives of many individual and deprives them of their basic fundamental human rights and freedoms. 2. 1.—Vulnerability: why does human trafficking happen? Human traffickers prey on people who are poor, isolated and weak. Issues such as disempowerment, social exclusion and economic vulnerability are the result of policies and practices that marginalize entire groups of people and make them particularly vulnerable to being trafficked. Introduction Human trafficking is a kind of enslavement, tyranny, and abuse that occurs on a daily basis all over the world. According to the Department of Homeland Security, human trafficking involves the use of force, deception, or coercion to gain some form of labor or commercial sex act. Most victims are unaware that they are in a human trafficking position. Abstract Human trafficking is a vicious crime against a person’s human rights and has been denoted as a form of modern-day slavery.. The final step in writing a human trafficking topics research paper ensure that your paper is responding to a research question related to the thesis. Organize and write a paper like a pro. If you have written a research paper and need someone to proofread and edit it, our college paper correction service can come in handy. They are victims of modern slavery, human trafficking, 80% of the victims are sexually exploited. Victims of sex trafficking acquire harmful physical and psychological health conditions and social disadvantages. This is due to sexual and emotional abuse, cause by different varieties of pimping, such as guerilla pimping and finesse pimping.

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Human trafficking research paper

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